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New Construction

What is your dream? Are you looking to build a legacy home?  first home? retirement home? vacation home? new barn or garage? Do you dream of remodeling that old kitchen or adding more living space to your existing home? At Rocking EZ, Inc., we have the talent and experience to bring lasting enjoyment and value to your most important investment – your home.

Rocking EZ, Inc. offers high-quality, custom craftsmanship, and skilled experience to meet your building needs. We have been building beautiful homes and satisfied clients in the Mission Valley for over thirty years.  From St. Ignatius, through Ronan and Polson, and around Flathead Lake, Rocking EZ has been working with people just like you to make your dream home a reality.

At Rocking EZ, we work with you from concept to completion. Whether you bring complete plans, plans that need tweaking, or only an idea, we will build a plan that is truly yours. You will be given a written proposal that details your specifications and the price.  From there, the only changes are the ones you make. Our goal is happy homeowners.

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